It’s getting real!  These pups have only days left here with us.  Juniper flies to Arizona tomorrow, which is good because he has been escaping the whelping box ALL morning that little stinker!  The pups got to experience snow for this first time this week, and got their first round of shots on Friday.  They handled them well and of course were winning the hearts of everyone visiting and working at the vet office.  Don’t worry though I don’t let strangers pet them, or dogs near them.  I’m so excited to see how these little vizslas fit into their new homes and families.  This is bound to be an awesome ride for everyone involved, and will definitely be making this Christmas Holiday sweeter for our families.  Let’s spotlight our little redheads…..

Neptune: This guy was hilarious jumping around and exploring in the snow the other day, I couldn’t even get a good picture because he was all over the place (tail held high and wagging like crazy)  This guy has some super long legs, and is definitely the tallest of all 10 pups and loves peering over the edge of the whelping box to see what we’re up to:)


Sunset: This girl just tugs at my heart.  She was slipping around on some of the icy spots yesterday and it was hilarious.  She is always seeking out her brothers to play or cuddle, she’s the best little side-kick. Which makes her PERFECT for her family- and she is gonna LOVE meeting, following and playing with her half sister next week!

Juniper: Like I mentioned before this guy is an escape artist.  Oh and he really knows how to wear himself out….  I constantly find him passed out in the funniest positions. You’ll see him totally asleep sitting up in the candids collage-such a hoot!

Candids from this week…

snow fun…



Week 6 is past and gone

Week 6 is past and gone….they are now 6 1/2 weeks almost!  They all get their vaccinations tomorrow evening, and then they start entering their new homes NEXT week….holy moly, it’s crazy. This week’s post will be SHORT because well life is crazy around here.  We took the foster pups back to the Humane Society Monday afternoon for their vaccinations and neuter. We thought we were leaving them there, but they said because of the illness that gets brought in with all the dogs that are in there the pups can’t stay there and they would have to place them immediately in with new foster homes since the shelter is not safe for them, and they’d have to be with their new foster families for 2 weeks until they are ready at week 9 for their neuter…..so we brought them back home as soon as they were done with their vaccinations and we will be keeping them until the 11th when we can drop them back off and they can be fixed and placed immediately with their new families.  We’re ready for things to calm down a little around here, and it will be nice to have a week or so of quiet before the craziness of Christmas and visitors hits!  It has been such a joy and pleasure breeding these pups, and providing some exceptional families with this amazing breed.   This litter has been no different.  We are so impressed by the families that will be taking these pups into their homes!  Our excitement for them and the journey they are beginning is something I can’t even explain.  It will be sad to close this chapter of our lives, but exciting to move onto other ventures a while enjoying our time with our five kids and 3 vizslas!  The pedigree of our vizslas will continue to live on though …because -BLUE from one of our earlier litters with Ruby has entered the breeding game.  She had her FIRST litter on the 24th of November and had 9 puppies!  There are 6 boys and 3 girls.  Follow them at Instagram.com/bluetheredvizsla  It looks like Blue is a natural little momma, and I know that there are already 3 deposits down!  I guess the legacy lives on:)

Alright enough talk-Spotlight time! FYI-when I took the 3 pups outside for their pictures the VERY first thing each one of them did once their paws hit the grass was go potty!  Total Rockstars!


NEPTUNE: This cool guy is headed to Saratoga Springs!  This dude is gonna make a Christmas never to be forgotten…he will have lots of siblings who will shower him with love i’m sure!

SUNSET:  This gorgeous gal is joining a stellar vizsla veteran family and her bio 1/2 sister from another litter in ARIZONA!


JUNIPER: His parents could not be more excited to bring him home to Arizona as well, and he will have run of the roost here;)

Given the level of chaos under our roof this week….not many candids but here ya go:) These pups are loving their fieldtrips outside 3+ times a day.  Potty training is 100% successful this week with no hiccups and well they are just busy growing like crazy and being as cute as can be!

Get ready next week’s post will be more of a goodbye for us, but new beginnings for some very sweet pups, and their equally awesome families!


Here is week 5’s update but week 6 is already almost here! It’s been kind of a whirlwind around here lately. Lots of festivities and family in town, but the puppies can’t get enough of their outside adventures!  Spotlights-

NEPTUNE: This boy is adjusting pretty well to the wind and cold now, and spent much of his time outside friday in the beautiful weather!


SUNSET: This girl is constantly pouncing after one of her brothers….endless energy! Such a friendly well tempered gal!



JUPITER:  This boy is so good about running immediately out to the yard every time we let them out and getting all his potties out!


All of the puppies really are doing so superbly.  My cleaning duty has been simplified so much by the fact that practically one hundred percent of their business is outside and just a fraction is done on the potty platform now, since a majority is being done out in the yard during their playtimes in the yard 3x a day!

It’s crazy that later this week pups will be receiving their first round of shots. Then i will blink and they will begin being picked up and settled in with their furever families! Let’s check out some candid shots from this past week.

Week 4

It’s hard to believe that our time with these little pups is already over halfway through!  Things are moving along smoothly.  The puppies are all getting very consistent with our potty system.  There was zero pottying in the sleeping area yesterday, only 2 poops in the indoor designated potty area, and so that means the rest was done OUTSIDE on the potty platform……oh yeah I guess I should mention we gave the puppies access to the outdoor potty platform this week and they are LOVING it!  They all picked up using a doggy door like champs:)  It really is so nice how smart this breed is, and it has been helpful to have the companionship of their foster siblings who are beagle/border collie mixes.  Border collies are known for being quite clever and it has shown! Since both of these breeds are “working dogs” they are getting along quite well with our vizslas.  It really has continued to be quite sweet watching the dynamic of this unconventional litter.  Ruby has been such a stellar mamma, and it’s really bitter sweet living out this final chapter of our breeding career, and I use the word career for lack of a better word.  Let’s spotlight our pups!

Neptune: This boy is the more playful of the 2, but he isn’t as fond of being outside as his sister and brother, and is kind of timid when it comes to this unrelenting Grantsville WIND.


SUNSET: A go with the flow- sweet girl.


JUNIPER: This dude is seriously so laid back with his lower energy, but really enjoys being outside and exploring.




Now let’s take a look at the cutest candids from this week:)


These pups are just changing everyday….I have noticed the older pups are getting more and more consistent with using the potty area. I’m hoping that this will put the younger pups at even more of an advantage, and they will master their potty training even earlier than usual.  They are puppies so they still spend a majority of their time sleeping but the time spent awake is longer and more often and when they’re awake we get to watch them wrestling and get spooked by their shadows.  All of these pups are being smothered with love and attention from the kids and their friends, and anyone who walks into this house.


NEPTUNE: Bigger of the two boys.

SUNSET: Sweet little gal!

JUNIPER: This guy is playful, and vocal!


I do make sure to give this little litter some alone time with their mamma too…


The puppies got their first taste of puppy food yesterday followed  by their first bath.  It’s always so entertaining watching them discover solid food for the first time, and they really do go crazy with it.  Truly a feeding frenzy….I like to do their feeding outside since it can get pretty messy, but it’s was pretty chilly so I just laid down a towel that I could easily just pull out when they were done.


Other fun candids from this week…


Week 2 has been over for a few days now….and it’s been busy.  Their eyes are all open, and they are getting better at walking everyday.  They have started gnawing on each other and “wrestling” a bit.  We’ve been introducing the pups to the potty area, and I’ve been catching them going in their all on their own to take care of business:) Puppy Spotlights-

NEPTUNE: This boy has a slightly lighter coat and seems a little more laid back but only time will tell.

SUNSET: This gal holds her own pretty well in a sea of boys.

JUNIPER: This boy has a bit of a darker coat, and a tad more wiggly than his siblings.



Last Ideal Vizsla Litter

Ruby and Rusty’s final litter arrived a week ago on the 17th of October!  The smallest litter we’ve ever had, with only 3 pups.  2 boys and 1 girl!  Ruby was looking smaller than usual, so we were thinking maybe she was a week behind the tentative due date I had calculated.  We were gonna have here puppy count xray done the 13th but decided to push it off because she wasn’t as big as she usually is the week of whelping.  We postponed it for the 20th, and were just hoping she would wait until then so we would know how many pups there were.  We moved the whelping box into the house around 7pm Tuesday night.  She snuck down to Talynn’s (our 5 yr old daughter) room where she sleeps and seemed ready for bed.  I always have her sleep with us the last week or so of her pregnancy so i can wake up if she goes into labor in the middle of the night.  She was refusing to get out of bed.  I finally convinced her to come upstairs.  She immediately began acting a little funny licking her bottom and panting.  I thought “ha! nah she’s not going into labor is she?”  For kicks I had her jump in the whelping box, she began scratching and nesting, and THEN she began arching her back- she was contracting.  Depending on how early into labor he was she can contract without me noticing for hours.  She then went back to our room and got on OUR bed. Jeff had to carrying her out to the whelping box.    She contracting and pushed on and off for a little bit, but finally puppy #1 made it’s appearance

NEPTUNE:  1st pup and 1st male-born at 8:38p weighing 14.7 oz


SUNSET: 2nd pup and 1st female- born at 11:15p weighing 13.1 oz

JUNIPER: 3rd pup, 2nd male and final puppy born- 1:40a weighing 14oz

What is funny is after we had 2 deposits secured I had joked with Jeff “wouldn’t it be nice if we just had two puppies, 1 female and 1 male?”  It can be a little exhausting interviewing tons of families, taking and editing countless pictures, weighing pups, scheduling and attending vet appointment (often me solo with 4-5 kids in tow), keeping up the blog, and just being in constant contact with families each litter.  Caring for 8 pups is a big responsibility, and its time consuming, and at times can be pretty stinky and so NOT glamorous.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE breeding Vizslas and the joy that our pups bring to their families is wonderful, the hands on experience and exposure to life and nature that it’s provided our children will be unmatched, but breeding is a lot of work and we have 5 kids 6 and under that we also juggle.  So when I saw that we literally only had 3 pups I had a sigh of relief.

A couple candids from my phone….

20171018_101535 (1)


20171019_101150 (1)

This was gonna be a nice, much simpler litter.  A good way to retire from the breeding game:)  Or so I thought.

Two days into this simpler, care free breeding scenario I began looking at Ruby who didn’t quite know what to do with herself with only 3 pups to care for.  Her nipples so full, and these 3 pups weren’t even putting a dent in her milk supply.   I just kept thinking-‘man if only there was a litter of puppies that had lost their mom that she could care for’. I had Jeff call all the local vets to let them know that we had a bitch capable of caring for pups if they were contacted about such a need.  Then Jeff contacted the Humane Society of Utah.  They had just had a litter of 7 pups dropped off that morning who’s mom had died from infection of the uterus.  They were 5 days old.  We wasted no time-I filled out the necessary paperwork online, and as soon as Jeff was off work he went by there to pick the pups up.  I was beginning to get nervous that Ruby wouldn’t accept them, and we were brainstorming on how to best introduce them to her.  Fortunately my life is crazy and I was behind on laundry.  I hadn’t cleaned the bedding that Ruby had whelped on. (now it wasn’t disgusting she actually births onto towels on top of this bedding but it smelled of birth and the pups from the first 24 hours)  We put the bedding in the kennel with the pups for about half an hour.  Then we introduced each pup one at a time after Rubbing them both on the bedding and onto Ruby.  She allowed them to begin nursing immediately, but still kept smelling them and keeping a close eye on these strange pups.  IT was kind of funny to watch her face as she tried to process what was going on.  She was a bit wary of them for the next hour, but soon started cleaning up after them, and cuddling them, and now treats them like her own in every way!  It has been the most beautiful thing to witness, and was definitely meant to be.  The timing of everything was perfect, and I can’t help but feel that the thoughts I had that morning were inspired:) Here is a video of us introducing Ruby to the pups…

Ruby’s biological pups are over a week now….let’s see how much they’ve grown.




And some cute candids from my camera…

…and a few from my phone this week.  Some of these were in the video also:)

Foster Pups: All 7 are boys, and at this time all are available for adoption through The Humane Society of Utah











Stay tuned and check back next week for an update on all the cute





This week has been a bit of a long week.  We have puppies escaping every 2 minutes! We’ve never had this many able to climb out of the whelping box this early…oy!  They’re cute, but Ruby is ready for them to go, and i’m ready to get my Living Room back:)

Lots of outside play this week, their food intake is increasing rapidly, and well they are as cute as ever.  Their ears are getting so long, as are their legs!  Really starting to like miniature adult vizslas!  We’ve got pups being picked up this weekend and next.











Holy Smokes our time with these pups is nearly over!  We are absolutely thrilled with the caliber of families taking in our pups.  We can’t wait to see how wonderful these beauties do, and the happiness they will bring their families.  We sure love this breed, and love what we do.  Vizslas are a remarkable breed, and it’s such a privilege to watch how they fill the hearts in their homes.


SHERBET: This gal is fiesty.  Definitely the most playful gal in the bunch:)

TIGER: This guy is sweet and smart, he was one of the first to figure out the whole potty area!

AZURE: This little guy is growing quick!  He’s closing the gap in the size differential. he sure is gonna be tough learning to stand is own with pups twice his size!

VIOLET:  This sweetit is average size, average energy level, and has such a fun personality.

PERIWINKLE: This girl gets really into her play as well.  She gives her shadow a total run for it’s money! haha. such a cute sweet girl! Very attentive and very aware.

THE BULK: SO SO playful this one.  He is just barely holding onto the biggest pup position.  He so enthusiastic in his play, and probably has THE wiggliest bum i’ve ever seen:)



I’m always super careful about the pups playing with ropes. (they can chew it into pieces and that has the potential of getting caught in their intestines)  i kept my eyes on them though, and they loved playing with it.  It was long enough that they could all play with it at the same time and it was too adorable.  The Bulk, Tiger, and Sherbet all really got a kick out of playing with the tennis ball too.  These little cuties always look forward to their yard time. They get about half an hour of time in the backyard 3 times a day.  They are almost completely weaned, and are on dry food.  They’re just growing up too fast!