Vizslas are a remarkable breed and have brought our family so much happiness.  We love the privilege we’ve had bringing that same happiness into homes all across the country!  We’ve been so blessed to have wonderful active families add our pups to their myriad of family dynamics.  We’ve worked with avid hunters, looking for that perfect hunting companion, and we’ve had world class marathoners searching for a training partner who could also be one of the family.  More and more often we have competitive mountain bikers using our pups to tag along as they train for races.  We also have a large amount of families who just lead active lifestyles, of camping, hiking, running, etc. and want a furry family member that can keep up and share in the fun!  We love the lives our pups are getting to lead, and keeping in touch with our growing “Vizsla family”.  Our families hash tag their Vizsla photos and videos on instagram with #idealvizsla; so not only do WE as breeders get to stay in the loop, but families from every litter can see what litter mates and consecutive litters are doing.   We take pride in our approach to breeding and love having families come and visit our pups, and get a feel for us and our breeding style.  We offer ourselves as life long supports to our families whether they have questions or concerns about their individual pups or need training advice.  We also provide boarding opportunities for our local families.  More importantly we like to be available to not just our “vizsla family” but all those who are interested in the breed, and offer any knowledge and experience we have on  all things Vizsla. So if you want to discuss this beautiful breed, and find out if it’s the right fit for you or to set up a visit just contact us….


email- ingridlouwheezer@gmail.com

phone- 303-842-4041 (Ingrid Harris)

303-842-2632 (Jeff Harris)


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